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About Us

Precious Prestige Trading and Logistics One Member Company Limited ("PPL") was established in 2014. Right after forming, we were one of a few companies chosen to serve foreign companies operating within Hung Nghiep Formosa Industrial Park and having businesses in export & import, commodity trading, construction and installation of water, power, steel... plants.

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Field of activity

PPL is proud to be an excellent logistics partner in the areas of:

Outstanding project

Our goal is to deliver service quality that exceeds customer expectations through comprehensive quality management. Whether it's project cargo, super-heavy cargo or wind power transport, we always accompany customers to understand the requirements in the most detail, then offer the best and most suitable transportation solution. to ensure on time and optimize costs.

Why us



With a team of employees who are enthusiastic about the profession, highly specialized, complying with professional ethics rules, we always strive every day to serve in the best way with the goal of cost optimization, safety, and accuracy. time and improve efficiency for customers.


Having breakthrough thinking to fulfill the special requirements of customers. Through a culture of lean, operational excellence we meet the requirements of operational efficiency, flexibility in a constantly changing world, to ensure no impact on the supply chain.


We have in-depth experience in key industries in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Besides, we also participate in many typical projects linking the history of the three Indochina countries.


With the game as a leading reputable enterprise in the market, we will always apply appropriate and standard social, economic and environmental standards and always accompany customers to find out the following requirements. that the best solution given and used only time


PPL contributes to the success of the Greater Changhua 2b&4 Offshore Wind Farm Project

PPL contributes to the success of the Greater Changhua 2b&4 Offshore Wind Farm Project

The Greater Changhua 2b&4 Offshore Wind Farm Project, one of largest renewable energy projects in Taiwan, has achieved its first significant milestones. PPL is proud to be the main transportation contractor, contributing to this success.
Update on the Nam San 3 (Laos) Project February 2024

Update on the Nam San 3 (Laos) Project February 2024

The PPL team did not hesitate to sacrifice their Lunar New Year holiday, working throughout the festive period to ensure the work was completed on schedule. This effort and sacrifice not only demonstrate a high sense of responsibility and passion for their profession but also reflect PPL's strong commitment to the project's success.


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