Wind power transport at the Dak N’Drung (1,2,3) Wind Projects: Ride like the wind despite heavy rain

The wind turbines at the Dak N’Drung (1,2,3) Wind Projects in Dak Song, Dak Nong County, Vietnam, are 137 meters in height from base to top, with 76.5-meter-long blades. Transporting 10 of these giant turbines, Power Load Optimized Mode down to 3.7 MW, was certainly a challenge. In addition to contending with pouring rain and deep mud – completing the project on time seemed to be an impossible task. It was a remarkable performance from PPL to bring 300 megawatts of wind power to the Dak Nong on schedule.

Wind turbine and tower port handling at South Van Phong port

The logistical effort in transporting items with the size and complexity of these wind turbines was vast, involving specialized vehicles, equipment, and technicians. Onshore turbines had to travel a significant distance through varied and challenging terrain and across county lines. It has been estimated that the construction of a 300MW wind farm like this project could require 1.300 truckloads, 280 railcars, and eight ships. In this project, there was no option but to transport wind cargo by road. Driving trucks that were large enough to carry the wind turbine parts was an incredibly skilled job – At PPL, drivers must accomplish a four-year training to be qualified for this work.

Offloading wind turbine blades from blade trailers in Dak N’Drung contraction site

Wind farms tend to be installed in rural and remote areas like Dak N’Drung (1,2,3) Wind Projects in Dak Song, Dak Nong County, Vietnam, whereas manufacturing capabilities are established abroad in China and Europe (Britain, Netherlands, Denmark). Since the very start of our company in 2014, we have been involved in the Vietnamese wind turbine industry and can display a long track record of South Vietnam onshore wind projects. Our wind power transportation services comprise specialized solutions, including port set-up, handling, and transporting turbines, foundations, cables, and other wind components. Furthermore, our wind specialist teams arrange hotel accommodation vessels as well as transfer, support, and service vessels.

In the beginning stage of the wind project, our project experts contrive pre-planning and pre-surveys for ports, roads, and sites to make sure our client’s cargo reaches the destination safely and in good condition. A vital element we focus on while handling these large and complex components is safety. We operate with a zero-incident mindset. Our advanced IT system manages damage control while monitoring every step in the project process.

Offloading base tower section from self off-loading truck in Dak N’Drung staging site
Complete wind turbine transportation of Dak N’Drung (1,2,3) Wind Projects

To maximize efficiency and optimize resilience, the scope of work was split between transportation technicians, truck drivers, and crane operators. Each with a dedicated support service comprising tooling technicians, mechanics, safety advisors, quality control, and management. To maximize cost-effectiveness, a fluid approach was taken to manpower, personnel was only acquired when needed. On top of the predictable challenges, PPL had to overcome another major unforeseen issue: the weather. The region experienced exceptionally heavy rain.

This transformed the compacted soil, which the turbines were to be stored on, into a quagmire. With trailers were used to transport large and heavy parts of wind turbines, maintaining solid and stable access to the site was crucial for the project to be completed safely and successfully.

Our mission is to make logistics simple and efficient for our clients. Through our one-stop-shop concept, we cover all steps of the logistics chain with in-house expertise – from the production facilities to delivery on site. Anywhere in Vietnam and neighboring countries, our wind logistics teams will assist with all details to ensure that all operations are planned properly and executed safely. Innovation, IT monitoring, and unique personal service characterize our company – it is as simple as that.

Onshore turbines transportation and logistics in Vietnam
Onshore turbines transportation and logistics in Vietnam

PPL immediately set about re-deploying personnel and resources to assist with the changing conditions. Loose topsoil was removed, drainage was improved, all trailer paths and work areas were covered with heavy-duty matting to maintain a viable work area. This ensured sufficient resources and personnel were mobilized to meet the requirements of the project while guaranteeing safety at all times.

Thanks to PPL’s equipment, manpower, and rapid response, the project proceeded without delay. The Wind Farm came into commercial operation on schedule at the end of 2021.

17 axles hydraulic module trailers
6 lowbed trailers
≥ 46m extendable trailer 4 axles
2 Wind turbine blade trailers
2 MAN’s special prime movers
4 Hyundai Trago prime movers
5 SITRAK prime movers
40 PPL professionals

Download: 2021 Dak Nong

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