Wind energy is the process of using wind current flows. Wind turbines are built to harness kinetic energy from the wind, which in turn creates power. Through the natural movement of the blades in the wind, a wind turbine funnels wind into electricity by using the aerodynamic force of the wind turbine blades.

In the top 10th percentile of windy areas, Vietnam’s average wind speeds are 7.2m/s at 100 m. According to an estimate from the Global Wind Energy Council, Vietnam’s estimated technical potential for onshore wind is around 24 GW. In Vietnam, costs for wind energy dropped below those of coal since 2017, meaning renewables are now the cheapest form of new power generation on a Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) basis. Renewable energy companies like GE, Vestas, Goldwind, Envision, and Sungrow are not only bringing the latest turbine technologies to the market but are also venturing onshore turbines and planning for near-shore and off-shore turbines, which creates a need for wind turbine transport.

envision wind turbine nacelle in ppl’s yard in hon la port
Envision wind turbine Nacelle in PPL’s yard in Hon La Port.

Wind turbines are colossal with many components. Hence, it is crucial to select a freight provider that knows how to move this equipment properly. A wind turbine tower alone can range from 80 meters to more than 200 meters in height. Wind turbines have a diameter of 3 meters to 5,5 meters.

All wind turbine towers and equipment are built overseas and shipped to Vietnamese ports of entry. Here is where they are placed on trailers and trucks to reach their final destination. One 30 Megawatts wind farm in the Middle of Vietnam requires at least 130 truckloads, 600 trips by truck, and two shipments across seas to complete the wind turbine transport process.

wind blade trailer used to transport wind turbines
Wind blade trailer used to transport wind turbines.

PPL’s deep knowledge of the Vietnamese market, its large equipment fleet, and its broad experience in the port-handling and transportation of wind turbines make it a valuable partner in the wind power sector, both on and off-shore.

On-shore, PPL provides every level of windmill transporting solutions, from small cargo, such as wind farm supporting materials, to all-in-one logistics service coverage from port to site. We complement our full-scope project management by providing on-shore and off-shore logistics, such as the loading and unloading of extremely heavy wind turbine parts, logistics management, and just-in-time delivery of the different parts to the off-shore site. Our partnerships with harbors operators ensure a one-stop-shop solution for all harbors’ logistics. All of these, ultimately, result in time and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

off-loading nacelle from aal mars ship in hon la port
Off-loading Nacelle from AAL MARS ship in Hon La port.

Utilizing wind turbine transport to move this heavy equipment requires a lot of thought and careful logistics planning. Why? We are talking about transporting every element of the wind turbine assembly, including wind turbine blades, hubs, towers, converter, nacelle, base, and more. It also includes wind farm supporting materials such as converter cooling (pump station, radiator, bolt pipeline, bolt cable pipeline), bolt wind mast, wind mast elevator accessories, cable, bolt elevator accessories, spoiler assembly, elevator, coolant, cool the fan assembly, tower cabinet, auxiliary transformer, tool, spreader, wheel block, segmented hanging beam, automatic fire fighting, shackle, camisole, hub cover plate, transfer spreader, crawler crane and cranes above the nacelle.

off-loading wind turbine blades to substation near construction site
Off-loading wind turbine blades to substation near construction site.

As a technical-innovative, technology-driven company, customers have always relied on PPL Wind’s cutting-edge technology for their windmills logistics and special transport requirements. With over 50 highly qualified engineers working across Vietnam, we are confident in providing quick actions and deliver valuable innovations to help our customers accomplish their goals. We are an ISO-certified organization with a team of experienced engineers and operation staff in the wind industry. We execute projects exceeding the highest client standards.