Logistics challenges at industrial factories are indeed diverse. To compete effectively, all manufacturers must continually optimize their networks to lower costs, rationalize inventories and stay on time. With great expertise, proven by abundant success, and backed up by the latest technology, PPL is ready to help manufacturers improve the quality and efficiency of their logistics.

With the help of PPL Logistics, you can align your supply chain with your overall business goals. In production logistics, we all must strive for overall supply chain optimization with consideration to smooth synchronization with acquisition and sales logistics that precedes or follows the production. Our solutions engineers will use Lean principles and processes to establish your inventory flow while reducing waste and increasing responsiveness.

Manufacturers entrust PPL logistics with their supply chain challenges. For manufacturing companies, investing in and operating transportation is indeed a challenge. Aspects such as managing drivers and vehicles, controlling fleet management as well as maintaining equipment are problems manufacturers face when they perform on their own. Our clients, such as Formosa Ha Tinh, Formosa Dong Nai, Texthong textile factory, Thanh Thang cement factory, assigned PPL as their retainer logistics provider to transport their input scrap and materials, and their output products. Therefore, they can focus on what they do best — making world-class products.