PPL’s experience counts when it comes to handling complex projects. With our advantage in specialized services and authority to travel on public roads, whether it is transporting oversized, overweight loads and heavy-lift cargoes can all be handled through our service. Managing complex transportation for large-scale projects requires experienced and knowledgeable personnel. PPL team consists of devoted individuals who commit to their work from the beginning to the end. We thrive on options. We investigate each detail to identify potential obstacles, both physical and non-physical. We ultimately react to extraordinary circumstances with confidence and efficient solutions. Our team of in-house architectural and engineering specialists aims to provide a full-service approach. We conduct all stages, from obtaining permits for pilot car services to deliver efficient and safe plans for each particular task.

PPL transports oversized wind turbine blade
PPL transports oversized wind turbine blade.

Our approach is to break down project logistics and transport into essential elements, then assign direct supervision over each. Advance trips by our Projects Operations Specialist to the key points in the project corridor ensure that PPL Heavy Logistics has the first-hand knowledge required to run the project. A Project Coordinator is then assigned to manage all facets of communication, logistics, and transportation operations and becomes the direct contact with the customer.

ppl transports over-weight loads of wind turbine converter
PPL transports over-weight loads of wind turbine converter.

The success of PPL Heavy Logistics lies in its commitment to understanding what is required. Our specialist advisors become fully conversant with the requirements of a project and ensure that customers’ specified deadlines, HSE aspects, and special instructions are strictly adhered to.

heavy lift cargo transported for formosa project
Heavy lift cargo transported for Formosa project.

PPL Heavy Logistics specializes in project freight management and all associated planning and implementation services. Whether the inquiry is to move individual heavy lifts, complete industrial plants from various origins around Vietnam to remote construction sites, or cross the border to Laos and Cambodia, we can arrange customized transportation concepts for the entire route on a customer-oriented basis. We have expertise in the most complex heavy haul jobs from planning to execution, including:

  • Customer tailored transportation consultancy
  • Project logistics feasibility studies
  • Road studies
  • Project logistics budget and planning
  • Project flow descriptions
  • Cargo supervision during loading and unloading, as well as in transit
  • Transport Insurance
  • Oversize cargoes transportation
  • Heavy loads
  • Barge Service
  • Module Movement
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Cargo surveying
  • Customs and shipping documentation
ppl toolbox meeting in wind turbine transportation project
PPL toolbox meeting in wind turbine transportation project.

Superior service is a core value here at PPL and a key tenet of our culture. Our staff makes a point to go above and beyond to ensure that our customers’ projects are safe and smooth. Heavy transport in PPL including: