PPL offers clients tailor-made methods for all industrial relocation jobs, from single machinery moves to complete factory relocation, with a specific focus on safety, cost-effectiveness, schedules.

US-China Trade War and the Covid epidemic results in trillions of capitals leaving China, most of them ended up in Vietnam. Chinese manufacturers are themselves moving to Vietnam to save on labor costs and expand their production capabilities. Vietnam’s proximity to China makes importing goods from China easy by road, while labor costs remain 1/3rd of China’s. Shipping from Vietnam takes the same to reach international markets in the US and Europe, providing great savings for businesses in both production and tariffs costs.

formosa machines moved by ppl logistics
Formosa machines moved by PPL Logistics.

The Chinese Government’s push to move to high-end industrial manufacturing such as aerospace and tech. As a consequence, essential consumer goods factories such as steel, milk, palm oil and cement factories are moving to Vietnam.

vinamilk nghe an factory relocation job performed by ppl
Vinamilk Nghe An factory relocation job performed by PPL.

With an unmatched fleet of heavy transport equipment, alongside engineering teams with in-depth experience in moving entire plants for major industries, PPL has the capacity and capability to carry out both factory relocation and machine moving for our clients. Our machinery moving and factory relocation services include the following:

  • Full site survey
  • Conducting transport and road studies
  • Detailed plans and schedule for all machine moves
  • Drafting transport drawings for project manuals
  • Method statements and risk assessments
  • Road transport permissions and permits
  • Technical surveying
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Machinery removals and installations
  • On-site supervision and Project Management
  • Special handling equipment for specific project
  • Customs Procedures at 2 sites
  • Multimodal Transport
  • Warehousing
transporting thanh thang cement factory’s machines
Transporting Thanh Thang cement factory’s machines.

While many new factories and power stations are being built in modular manner – with components designed with efficient transport and installation in mind – older facilities pose unique heavy transport (đặt back link về dịch vụ heavy transport) challenges. Few were designed with relocation in mind and their buildings and components must be carefully handled for the whole process. PPL’s clients, ranging from small businesses to multinationals, are reassured by our reputation and experience of machinery moves across many market sectors. Moreover, with the advantages of cross-border transport and customs process, we are able to fulfil any requirement from customer, moving from any country to Vietnam.

Location and site access are always key factors in relocation projects. The removal of plant from an industrial area, a desert or an urban space will have different implications in terms of planning the safest and most sustainable operation with minimum disruption. It will define the heavy transport equipment options, as well as the techniques used. PPL approaches relocation projects by paying specific attention to safety, cost-effectiveness, the schedule.

moving skid in dong xuyen industry park
Moving SKID in Dong Xuyen industry park.

In Vietnam, PPL transported all Formosa Ha Tinh machine from Vung Ang port to the construction site. PPL’s approach reduced transport time 75% compared to an earlier planned approach. Most importantly, the SPMT approach was considered significantly safer for heavy cargoes.

To carry out the efficient and safe turnaround of a relocation operation, an extensive and most advanced fleet of heavy transport equipment ensures the greatest range of options. Prime movers, trailers, SPMTs, SPTs and more are all part of the PPL fleet. This equipment is put to use in the safe relocation of entire installations projects. Our fleet is subject to strict maintenance programs, ensuring reliability and safety at all times. And, by deploying different items of equipment in diverse and innovative ways, PPL’s engineers struggle to find ways of lowering costs and reducing timelines for our clients.

prime movers of ppl’s fleet
Prime movers of PPL’s fleet.

Our equipment and in-depth relocation expertise enable PPL to develop solutions for any relocation requirements, and successfully deliver them – ensuring safety, cost-effectiveness and in time.