Innovative Add-On Prime Movers Used For Wind Turbines Transportation.

Heavy lift wind turbines tower

PPL negotiated steep gradients, long bridges, and other challenges to complete the transportation of the 12 biggest wind turbines in Vietnam, with generators alone weighing 103t each. From Hon La port of Quang Binh, the wind turbines, were transported along a complex road route to Amaccao Wind farm in Quang Tri, where they are going to be successfully installed.

Port handling at Hon La Port.

Amaccao Windfarm 1 generates 49.2 MW of sustainable power for more than 136.743 homes in Quang Tri County, Vietnam. Working with the owner, Amaccao, PPL was responsible for the port handling, off-loading, and transportation of the 12 Goldwind turbines, Power Load Optimized Mode up to 4.1 MW. These are the biggest on-shore wind turbines in Vietnam thus far, with 141.176 meters in height from base to top, 76.293-meter-long blades, and the tower bottom is 5.534 meters in diameter. The logistical effort in transporting items with the size and complexity of these wind turbines was vast, involving specialized vehicles, equipment, and technicians.

Wind Turbines Nacelle Transportation.
Wind Turbines Nacelle Transportation.

There were numerous structures on the route, including two long bridges, Gianh (746,4-meter length) and Quan Hau (549-meter length), both are 12 meter-width. PPL selected 16 axles hydraulic module trailers to reduce the axle loadings, enabling safe transportation over them all. All the bridges were assessed during the planning stages to ensure they could support the transport loads.

Another challenge on the route that the convoy needed to negotiate was the range of steep gradients, both up and downhill. PPL transported the wind turbines over gradients of up to 13%. This was further complicated by road surfaces made up of loose materials. It was an opportunity for the MAN prime movers to demonstrate the strength of their capacities as they operated at their maximum gradient.

Offloading base tower section from self-offloading truck.
Off-loading base tower section from self-offloading truck.

As there is no limit to the number of prime movers that can be added to a convoy, PPL was able to further utilize the capabilities of the innovative trucks by adding a third prime mover to the transportation through Amaccao Windfarm. This route between the public highway and the substation spanned almost 12 km. Its constant bends and varying gradients made it the most complex part of the transportation process.

On the MAN prime mover, steering, braking, electrics, engine, and transmissions are synchronized by a computer, enabling each to be matched across the vehicles and numerous elements to be controlled identically. This made them the most efficient vehicles to assist with traction during this segment of transportation. Driving trucks that are large enough to carry the wind turbine parts is an incredibly skilled job. And for this project, synchronizing three trucks made the work three times harder. At PPL, drivers must accomplish a four-year training to be qualified for this work.

Complete transportation.
Complete wind turbines transportation.

PPL transported the wind turbines over 227 km before off-loading them at the substation near the construction site. PPL’s innovative solutions and the unique abilities of the MAN truck ensured that this challenging operation could be completed as efficiently as possible.


16 axles hydraulic module trailers

13 axles hydraulic module trailers

15 axles hydraulic module trailers

6 lowbed trailers

≥ 46m extendable trailer 4 axles

10 axles extendable trailers

2 Wind turbine blade trailer


2 MAN’s special prime movers

4 Hyundai Trago prime movers

4 SITRAK prime movers


45 PPL professionals

Download: 2021 Amaccao

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