Bring Wind Power To Quang Tri Weeks Ahead Of Schedule

Wind Turbine Transportation

The 30-megawatt Huong Linh Wind Farm 4 in Quang Tri county, Vietnam is the next phase of Huong Linh Wind Farm 1,2, and 3. It is located in the highest and windy part of the Huong Hoa mountains. Rongtua is the main contractor installing 9 Envision 3.4-megawatt wind turbines. PPL Wind played a major role in Rongtua’s achievement by providing logistics services, including port handling (customs service and express release) and transportation.

Ship express release at Hon La port
Ship express release at Hon La port

Prior to this ambitious wind project, other wind farms in the region had only been installed on the lower parts of the mountain. Relying on extensive experience, operational excellence, and wind turbine blade adapter that require minimal logistics work, PPL Wind completed the enormous job two weeks ahead of schedule. Transporting 27 giant wind turbine blades, 69 meters in length, weighing 19 tons each, to high mountains typically involves highly skilled drivers. The key to saving time is a combination of special equipment, efficient project management, and operational excellence.

Wind turbine transportation
Wind turbine transportation

PPL transported the wind turbines over 219.8 km before off-loading them at the substation near the construction site. PPL’s innovative solutions and the unique abilities of the MAN truck ensured that this challenging operation could be completed as efficiently as possible.

Another challenge on the route that needed to be negotiated was the range of steep gradients, both up and downhill. PPL transported the wind turbines over gradients of up to 11%. This was further complicated by road surfaces made up of loose materials. It was an opportunity for the MAN prime movers to demonstrate the strength of their capacities as they operated at their maximum gradient.

Wind Turbine Nacelle Transportation
Wind Turbine Nacelle Transportation

The route between the public highway and the substation spanned almost 3 km and another 15 km from the substation to the construction site. Its constant bends and varying gradients made it the most complex part of the transportation process. Wind turbine blade adapters were used in these routes to maximize their capacities. They are designed to lift the blade up to 38°, and the rotor plate for the blade adapter trailer is 360° turning, which means that the blade is able to turn to any angle according to the road condition, even on roads that are only 5-meters wide. With 9 turbines to install, this narrow road requirement resulted in huge time and cost savings on road construction. At PPL, wind turbine blade adapters truck drivers must accomplish a five-year training to be qualified for this work.

Using three wind turbine blade adapters, combined with the MAN special prime mover as the transportation base, PPL Wind was able to keep up a high transportation pace. A total of more than 600 critical truckloads were carried out over a period of 5.5 months. The heaviest was the load of the nacelles, weighing 87,1 tons each, transported on 14-axle hydraulic modular trailers with the MAN prime mover configuration.

The entire project took 10 months, from planning to finishing. With extensive experience in wind farm logistics, PPL Wind had ensured fast and safe transportation and 9 Envision giant wind turbines. The time saved on turbine transportation resulted in an early connection to the grid – 2 weeks sooner than the initial plan.

Complete wind turbine transportation
Complete wind turbine transportation
14-axle hydraulic modular trailer
10 lowbed trailers
≥ 46m extendable 4-axles trailer
1 MAN’s special prime movers
3 Hyundai Trago prime movers
4 wind turbine blade adapters
35 PPL professionals

Download: 2021 Huong Linh

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